Saturday, 18 October 2014


Hi guys,

I haven't posted on this blog in a while and it's because I haven't had single second to spare. I recently started a new job that has a rather intense training schedule and I also started uni - it's all been super duper time consuming.

I thought that i'd do a post about anxiety because I need some advice. Today I was walking through the local town about I had one of the worst panic attacks I have ever experienced... It honestly came out of the middle of no where!? It lasted over an hour so I ended up going to see a doctor. The doctor pretty much told me that I needed to take it easy... how is that even possible?!

I am so worried about having another panic attack like that, especially if i'm at work or in a lecture.
Do any of you guys know good ways of preventing it, or even dealing with it when it does happen? I did go and buy some herbal stuff but it really didn't help at the time.

Thank you!

Lottie x

Friday, 22 August 2014


I have a serious sweet tooth at the moment so i've been trying to find a good sweet alternative that isn't too unhealthy!

I'm definitely a snacker - I just love to snack! Here's a few sweet supplements that I've been munching on recently:

  • Banana Chips - I get them from Holland and Barrett as they're cooked with coconut oil (apparently healthier) - I am not sure how healthy this is but it is super yummy so I'd recommend it!
  • Watermelon - THE BEST FRUIT EVER!! It is arguably cheaper abroad which is great on holiday but sucks when you're at home and want some! I usually buy the snack pots because I am too lazy to cut it up. 
  • Frozen Frubes - These are the bestest snacks ever - especially when the weather is warm! I am a crazy yoghurt addict so I love it.
  • Jelly pots - I always get the low fat ones as they taste the same and have less calories! I could live on a diet of jelly if I had to! These are great snacks!

That's it! 

Lottie x

Saturday, 5 July 2014


You may already know that I have a music blog where I feature new bands etc. - I love doing interviews, it's great to get to know the bands/musicians and quiz them on interesting topics mwaha - I'm quite an inquisitive (nosy) person so it's really interesting and fun!

When I started this blog I wanted to use it as more of a diary rather than focus on music. I just can't help myself though...  music is such an important part of my interests that I have no choice but to blog about it!

I have pointed out a few bands that I love at the moment. I actually like any type of music but I'm really into pop-punk and indie-rock bands.

The Neighbourhood - totally missed out on getting tickets to see these guys last June - ughh. I will be seeing them at Reading Festival though! Has anybody seen them? The song below is called 'Afraid' - it's my personal favourite from their 'I Love You' album.

Arkells - These are a Canadian band, someone actually told me to listen to them and I fell in love! They are amazing, I would do anything to see them live, I'd literally fly to Canada... if I had the money of course!

Darlia - You may have heard these guys on R1 recently? They are soooo good, I couldn't resist but to get tickets to see them in November!

Good Charlotte - just because it has my name in it duh!

The 1975 - I feel like everyone has this on their "favourite band list" but I genuinely love this band. I saw them early last year and then again this year. Admittedly their smaller gig earlier last year was so much better - it was so much more intimate. I wish they'd play in a few small venues again just for the fun of it... They need more music though, I've listened to their albums and EP's more than 1000 times I swear!

You Me At Six - I love this band, there's really nothing else to write!

State Champs - They are so damn pop-punk.

Maroon 5 - Their music, their attractive main singer, their entertaining performance skills. I really cannot wait for their new album S.I.N and I'm really hoping that they do a tour. I saw them in January and it was amazing! The same day as the concert I actually had to interview this singer in London so I almost missed the start of the concert but luckily got there in time... phew. I managed to squeeze myself in the queue where my friends were so we ended up being right at the front. Oh, and Adam Levine, my God that man is beautiful.

Here's Maroon 5's new song from their new album, it's called 'Maps'. At first I didn't really like the song but it has really grown on me!

Last but not least...

Divided By Friday - I actually interviewed this band last February but I genuinely love their music so I thought that it would be appropriate to add them in. I was shocked that they agreed that I could interview them because my blog is really nothing special. Apart from being an extremely talented band they are also really lovely people. Go have a listen:

That's all from me!

I'm doing the Race For Life tomorrow ahhhhhh I'm exited!

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Lottie x

Monday, 30 June 2014



Seeing as I have an extra long summer I thought that I'd share with you some exiting stuff that I have planned! I will probably forget something.

Next Sunday I am doing the Race For Life - I know it's only 5K but I am kind of really, really, really nervous about it! I also pulled a muscle in my leg the other day so i'm limping everywhere. ( JustGiving page: ) Is anyone else doing it/done it this year?

I end my part time job soon which I am really sad about, everyone I work with is so lovely and the company is great! If you follow me on Twitter you'll probably notice that I've bought loads of perfume... it's because I want to use my discount before I leave! I bought myself Miss Dior which is the most elegant perfume ever, I love it and have wanted it for ages.

At the end of July I am going to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I have been before and it is so beautiful, I can't wait to go back. It's also really close to the Island of Capri so we will be visiting there for the day as well, which I've never been to!

After my holiday I begin my new summer temporary job, which is my third year doing it! I will only be working there for a week as I go to Spain for a week at the start of August woohoo. My parents recently bought a townhouse in the south of Spain so I am really exited to finally see it!! I have a feeling that I'll be doing constant trips to the airport as my family are all flying out at different times. My family use me as their taxi way too often. I'm also really exited because conveniently my cousins are staying in the same area of Spain at the same time as us so we can go and see them!

After Spain I am working loadssssssss but I do have one Sunday off which is for Reading Festival. I would love to stay the whole weekend but I couldn't take it off work! I can't wait to see Blink-182 and The Neighbourhood and loads more at Reading - ahhhhh I'm so exited!!!!!

That's pretty much my most important plans over summer, at the moment I'm trying to save my money for uni but I'm not doing a great job... I'm going shopping in Cambridge tomorrow so let's hope that I don't spend all of my money.

In comparison to other people's summer break I'm sure mine is pretty boring but I'm really exited. Because my summer is so long I feel so pressured to make it really fun. Last year I worked two jobs over summer as I was saving for my car so this time I'm a little more determined to make sure I have some stuff to look forward to!

Let me know your summer plans, or if you're going to any festivals?!

Lottie x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I am really slacking on the blogging front, I am going to have to give the poor excuse of being really busy. I just got home from work for a few hours and then I have to leave again soon! I thought that I would take this opportunity to do a blog post. About what though? I don't even know! Have you ever been in the mood to right a blog post but not had any clue what to write it about?

I did go a bit crazy on eBay recently so I'm planning on doing a little eBay haul with my bargain buys! Oh I got some stuff from La Moda as well - maybe I can do a blog post about these next?

Also I am looking for some bands to feature on my music blog - If you know any that wants to be featured or needs a bit of publicity, please let me know! I have 11,000+ followers and have had great feedback from the bands that I have previously interviewed!

Sorry this post sucks but I didn't want to leave it any longer not doing one!

Lottie x

Wednesday, 11 June 2014



I just thought that i'd share with you my 'before bed' skin care routine. It is pretty basic with only three products. I use all Clinique skin care products, I feel like when I use any product - whether it be skin or hair products - they have to be the same brand.... OCD alert!


First off is the 'Take the Day Off Make Up Remover'- I actually put this in my previous post because I just got a big bottle after having a small sample bottle and using it up because it is just so amazing! This product is specifically for Lids, Lashes and Lips so for my face make up I remove it with simple make up remover wipes.

Secondly I use the 'Liquid Facial Soap' - It's basic and does what it says on the tin. I foam it on my face and then wash it off. Usually I do this in the morning as well... mainly because it is really refreshing and wakes me up!

Last but not least I use the Moisture Surge moisturiser. Since blogging I have noticed that a lot of people use this product which makes me happy because it is really good. I started using it about a year ago and instantly fell in love with it. It is really light on the skin which I think some moisturisers really lack. It is £32 which is kind of pricey but I definitely think it works!

That's it, pretty simple! Obviously everyones skin is different but this is what works well for me and my skin. Ultimately it leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed! 

I also like it because it takes every bit of make up off and that prevents me from getting a break out of spots!

Lottie x

Friday, 6 June 2014



I haven't blogged in a while because since I updated Mavericks onto my macbook I have had constant problems on my user, so at the moment I have had to use the computer! Have any of you had any problems with the update?!

...So this is my first haul! Woooo!!

1. This is the Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish - I decided to get it in white after someone recommending it to me. Since I have had my acrylics taken off my nails are in an awful condition so I needed a nail polish to cover it up. I like this one but I honestly don't think it dries in 60 seconds... Obviously it depends on how thick you apply the layer! I really like the white colour, I usually prefer black or darker colours so this is a nice change! Apart from my mum keeps saying it looks like I have applied tipp-ex on my nails... I got this from Boots at £3.69!

2. I needed a cheapy lipgloss to shove in my bag along with everything else. This was only £1.99 from Boots and does the job well! 

3. This is actually my favourite out of everything that I have bought - it is a sling bag with a nice pattern and will be used as a simple work bag. The bag is only £4 at Primark so I had to get it! 

4. I also got a watch from ASOS, it was reduced from £25 to £15 - it's a vintage style and nice for day to day wear. I really do want an expensive designer watch but at the moment there is just too much that I want instead of a watch!

5. Secondly I got the Clinique Take the Day Off Make Up Remover - I love this! I am a Clinique skincare junkie... last year I got a goody bag full of miniatures and this make up remover was one of them. It makes your skin feel so soft and it is purposefully for the lids, lashes and lips, so these delicate areas of your face are left feeling smooth! I use Clinique for skincare and I might actually do a blog about it because there are a few great products in their range. I got this in Boots for £17. 

6. I got these from ASOS for £10. I like them but they were oversized and although I have a huge head they looked stupid on me so I decided to send them back!

7. This is my best bargain. I got the Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara for £1.80 in a Superdrug sale to celebrate 180 years of Rimmel. The one day sale was actually a few weeks ago from 12pm-3pm so I couldn't resist it. Mascara is something I use everyday so I don't like spending too much on it so I was happy when I saw this reduced from £8!

There is probably something that I have forgotten?! 

It's finally Friday - yay! Have a good weekend,

Lottie x